Psychedelic Exploration




SafE, Legal & Supportive

The Experience

We provide transformational psychedelic experiences for people looking to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

From our detailed preparation guide and lush, inviting space to our expert guides and delicious plant-based spreads, we provide one-of-a-kind consciousness experiences for our clients.

They changed my life in one weekend. It felt like five years of therapy and life coaching in one day.
— -Media Exec from LA

Experienced & Supportive

Your Guides

Our guides help you to have a deeply powerful, positive, and transformational psychedelic experience.

Amanda Gelender is a strategist, mental health advocate, and social impact expert who graduated from Stanford University and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. Nikolitsa Paranomos is a plant-based chef, designer, and creative entrepreneur with 10 years of experience working therapeutically with psilocybin mushrooms.

Both guides have a breadth of experience working across sectors and industries including tech, education, the humanities, and the creative arts. They have extensive experience as coaches with particular expertise in supporting executives, artists, and social change makers through psilocybin mushroom truffle experiences.

Truly transformative, personally and professionally.
— Startup Founder & CEO, Client

Pre & Post Session

The Process

We support you in having a positive, transformational psychedelic experience by preparing you, creating a supportive environment, and helping you process and integrate afterwards. 



If you're curious about having a guided psychedelic experience, fill out the intake form - We’ll follow up with you soon after we receive it to set up a time to chat with you.


We have a pre-experience chat to discuss preparation, intentions, dosing, and answer questions any questions you have. We also provide a detailed guide outlining best practices to prepare for your session.


We host you in a beautiful roof top studio in central Amsterdam, where you’ll spend approximately 6 hours with us as we guide you through your psychedelic journey.



In the weeks following your journey, we will process insights from the experience and discuss how best to incorporate what you gained from the psychedelic session into your daily life. 

The setting changed how I see time and dimensions.
— Software Developer from Syria, Client

CUrated & Inviting

The Space

We’ve designed a space that is ideally set up for safe & comfortable heightened consciousness experiences.

With natural light streaming through the windows and quiet & quaint parks and canals right outside, our indoor garden makes you feel tucked in comfort while you explore inward. We provide a library of resources including art and poetry books, spiritual tools, a private balcony, and a ceremonial bath set up for you to enjoy during your experience.

Designed for your absolute comfort with indoor and outdoor spaces to relax, each element of the space is crafted to bring you comfort and delight during your journey.

After this, I feel an enormous drive to go on the self improvement journey.
— First Time Client from Mumbai


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