My goal in guided experiences is to support you in having a positive, transformational psychedelic exploration. I do this by preparing you, creating a comfortable environment for the experience, and helping you process and integrate afterwards. 

Here's how it works:


Step 1:

Intake form

If you're curious about having a guided psychedelic experience, please check out the FAQ about the type of clients I work with then fill out the intake form telling me a bit about yourself and why you're interested in having this experience.


Step 2: Initial Session

After receiving your intake form and determining if it's good for us to move forward, we'll find a time for our initial session. I'll ask you some questions and follow-ups from the answers on your intake form, and I encourage you to ask me any and all questions you have. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your thoughts and fears about a psychedelic experience and see if we're a good match to work together.

If both of us want to move forward after our first session, I will send over a guide for preparing for transformational psychedelic experiences. This will outline 10 suggested practices you can do before we meet in person for the psychedelic session. I will also send over a waiver for you to sign and payment instructions.


Step 3: Prep session

In this session, you and I will talk about expectations, review the preparation guide, and discuss ways to make the experience be as transformational as possible. An in person or video chat is available, my goal is to make you feel as prepared as possible.


Step 4: The Psychedelic session

While it varies a bit from person to person, this is a general idea of the flow of the day of your psychedelic experience:

10:00am: You meet me at my studio in Amsterdam

10:30am: You take the psilocybin mushroom truffles

10:30-12:00: Come up on the truffles

12:00pm-14:00: Peak of the experience

14:00-16:00: Come down from the experience

16:00-17:00: End of experience. Settling and processing a bit before before heading back to your residence. Afterglow effects will continue into the evening, I don't recommend making any plans afterwards other than relaxing and processing.


Step 5: Post-Experience Integration Session

This session takes place within the week following your experience over phone or video chat. We'll process insights from the experience, I'll share notes with you that I took during your session, and we'll discuss how best to incorporate what you gained from the psychedelic session into your everyday life.