You + the substance are where the magic is happening.

We’re there to handle the earthly matters.

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AMANDA GELENDER // Founder & Guide

Originally from the Bay Area, California, I’ve lived in Amsterdam since 2017. I'm the Founder and CEO of Medusa Global and a Partner at Vaya Consulting. I'm a strategist, writer, speaker, and psychedelic guide.

I graduated from Stanford University with honors and received a Fulbright Scholarship. I travel globally working on mental health, tech, social impact, psychedelics, and organizational culture.

I do this work because one of my favorite things to do is be present while people are in deep, creative flow states of positive transformation, having profound insights about themselves and the universe. I love being a part of the powerful growth experiences my clients have working with psychedelics. I fundamentally believe in the power of psychedelics and I want more people to learn how to work with them.

Already an anxious person, I was really nervous to try psychedelics. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them by a healer who treated psychedelic work with great care and guided me through best practices. Then I acted as a guide for her, and I found how incredible it was to be with brilliant people while they are in a psychedelic state.

Psychedelics have opened up many doors for me. They have helped me heal through deep trauma, usher in newfound creativity and energy, deepen my connections, explore spirituality and consciousness, hone my intuition, break through fears and blocks, and engage more deeply and fully in social impact work. Regular, intentional psychedelic use has helped me become much more centered, open, and grounded. I don't believe psychedelics are a silver bullet - but they are very powerful tools that should be accessible and used with great care and respect.

I love doing this work because I get to meet and build with incredible influencers, healers, artists, engineers, social change makers, entrepreneurs, and executives from around the world. I work with deeply curious people who often have tireless commitment and passion for their endeavors and hold up worlds for others. I love being able to hold space for my clients where they get to focus fully on delving into letting go and transforming themselves. People often emerge renewed and more whole.


What does a guide do?

We got your back as you go on your journey.


In a psychedelic context, there are several terms to describe people who support others during altered states of consciousness. This includes sitter, guide, facilitator, shaman, therapist, and healer. Each person who does this work has a different perspective on their role. Some have more of a specific focus (ex. a spiritual journey or psychological healing) but at its core, we are all people who hold space and create an environment optimized for people to gain from altered states of consciousness. Core to our work is the recognition that psychedelic practice is rooted in indigenous culture and inextricably linked to systems like colonialism (to learn more about how we think about psychedelics and indigenous culture, see the FAQ).

We are not therapists by training, nor are we spiritual guides or shamans. We are people with a great deal of personal and professional experience with mental health and altered states of consciousness. Amanda’s greatest source of knowledge in this work is from working extensively with psychedelics (primarily LSD and psilocybin), navigating her own mental health and medication challenges (depression, anxiety, OCD), and supporting friends and loved ones through altered states and mental health crises. Nikolitsa has used psychedelics (primarily LSD and psilocybin) over the course of 10 years, and has worked through states of anxiety and depression to access her highest creative potential.

When you're exploring psychedelics, physical reality can get put on the back burner so it's good to have a team on this plane who ensures that you stay as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the experience.We provide an environment that helps you delve completely into the experience. Some clients have very internal trips and others are more actively processing during their session. As guides, we are there if you'd like to engage with us but there's no pressure to do so. You + the substance are where the magic is happening, we’re there to handle the earthly matters while you explore, heal, and perhaps stumble upon some of the deepest revelations of your life. We are also there if you hit a block or need any support. We may also take on more cosmic duties during the experience, like helping ground you if you get a bit lost while exploring other realms of consciousness.

Psilocybin helps re-connect people with their own intuition and clarity. People often say that they encounter and feel guided by their "higher" or truest selves. You are your own guide, we’re there to keep an eye on your safety and comfort and help things flow if you get stuck. So if we see a way your experience could be enhanced or more comfortable, we may make a suggestion. We provide everything you could need including chef created spreads, weighted blankets, soothing scents, poetry and art books, and creative supplies. You shouldn't have to think or worry about anything other than surrendering to the experience.

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